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It's In Our Nature

Affordable. Ethical. Period.

Here at Nomenclature, we pride ourselves on being formulated and manufactured in Canada. Many other "affordable" skincare and makeup brands rely heavily on over-seas outsourcing to achieve their product's low price point. But not here. Our brand's mission is to bring high quality formulations to you without using services that compromise human rights. We feel so strongly about supporting humanitarian causes that $1 from every product sold is donated to The A21 Campaign.

People First. Profits Second. 

We are redefining the norm. We are redefining the Nomenclature.

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Global Impact

Let's End Slavery Together

Here at Nomenclature Cosmetics, we are determined to make our impact on the world as positive as possible. That is why $1 from every product sold is donated to The A21 Campaign

This groundbreaking organization uses its international network to combat human trafficking and tirelessly pursue its mission to end slavery everywhere.

Because Freedom should be in everyone's Nomenclature.