About Us

“I wanted to create a brand that not only conveyed the importance of having quality ingredients, but also emphasized the necessity of ethical manufacturing procedures that don’t take advantage of human rights for the sake of low cost. 
I really wanted to make something that gives back to the world. 
That is what I believe we have accomplished with Nomenclature.”
- Austin


Nomenclature Cosmetics founder, Austin Perdew, has spent the last 10 years working in and around the skincare and beauty industry.  After starting out as a skincare consultant for large independent beauty companies, he went on to work as an image stylist for several Indie fashion brands.   He has also partnered with many not-for-profit humanitarian organizations throughout his career and considers human rights to be one of the most important factors when making any sort of corporate decision.  

Nomenclature Cosmetics is the culmination of its founder’s passion for healthy skin, beauty, and charity that is seeking to redefine what it means to be a modern corporate brand. 


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